In 2013, the Information Technology Foundation for Education (HITSA) was founded through the merger of the Tiger Leap Foundation, Estonian Information Technology Foundation and The Estonian Education and Research Network EENet. The Estonian Education and Research Network EENet, established in 1993, helps ensure the development and stable functioning of the information technology infrastructure necessary for research, education and culture.

The role of HITSA is to ensure that the graduates at all levels of education have obtained the digital skills necessary for the development of the economy and society; and the possibilities offered by ICT are skillfully used in teaching and learning, which helps improve the quality of learning and teaching at all levels of education. HITSA initiates and guides innovation and development in the area of educational technology and introduces best practices. HITSA also represents Estonia in international cooperation projects and initiatives in the field of information technology and education.

The main activities include:
1. Advancing digital skills among students and teaching staff
2. Information Systems: development and support
3. Infrastructure: support and development
4. Promotion of ICT education at all EDU levels
5. Promotion and awareness-raising for use of ICT in education