45 participants for Cyberolympics. Visitors are welcome to the Cybercafé!

13. february 2015

Students are set to do virtual battle this Saturday as part of the very first Cyberolympics to be held in Europe, which are being organised by the Estonian Ministry of Defence, the Estonian Information Technology College and the cyber security company Vequrity.

“45 people registered to take part, which was more than we were expecting,” said Margus Ernits, a lecturer from the IT College. “Since the maximum number that can compete is 30, we’ve had to arrange a ‘semi-final’, if you like.” “And based on those results we’re expecting a really high-level competition this Saturday,” added Vequrity OÜ CEO Taavi Must.

The Cyberolympics are an individual cyber defence competition in which the technical knowledge and practical skills of students are put to the test in defending computer systems over an eight-hour period. The participants will be put through their paces on the cyber training ground of the Estonian Defence Forces. This year’s theme is the security of e-services. The competitors will have to defend their own system and find security holes in the other systems of the same organisation, with elements of both defence and security testing included. The working language of the competition will be English.

The competition is designed to increase skills and knowledge of cyber defence among students and to boost interest in the field. The main prize in the Cyberolympics is a trip to Blackhat Europe in Amsterdam – a highly respected conference among experts in IT security circles.

Spectators are welcome to attend the competition at the IT College starting from 12:00, the time the Cybercafé opens. The café will play host to short presentations in English on the latest developments and learning and career opportunities in the cyber field. There will also be a sumo robot programming workshop from 12:30-14:30 and a hacking competition at 19:30. Spectators do not need to register in advance.

Cybercafé programme:

  • 12.15 Tiit Roosmaa, Rector of Estonian IT College „The Estonian Information Technology College and its new curriculum – Cyber Security Engineering“
  • 12.45 Kalev Kuusik, IT Infrastructure Architect with ByteLife Solutions OÜ „AUTOMATION TOOLS for SURVIVING CYBERWAR?“
  •  13.15 Uko Valtenberg, Chief of Cyber Range „The Estonian Defense Forces Cyber Range“
  • 13.45 Taavi Must, CEO of Vequrity OÜ „Why create an IT security start-up company now?“
  • 14.15 Rain Ottis, Chief Judge of Küberolümpia and Associate Professor at TUT „Cyber Security Masters Program“
  • 14.45 Lauri Makke, Territory Business Manager of Cisco Systems Estonia OÜ „Cisco Cyber Security Report“
  • 15.15 Ragnar Rattas, Head of CIIP Section at Estonian Information System Authority „The Information Security Authority and me: skills and knowledge that come in handy at the ISA“
  • 16.15 Marelle Ellen, Communications Manager, BEST-Estonia, showcasing the ‘Key to the future’ careers trade fair
  • The awards ceremony for the Cyberolympics will take place in the atrium of the IT College starting at 18:00. Giving the opening address at this ceremony will be Estonian Minister of Defence Sven Mikser.
  • At 19:30 there will be stand-up comedy from Elen Veenpere under the banner of Comedy Estonia and spectators will be able to take part in hacking challenges.

The first Cyberolympics are being organised by the Estonian Ministry of Defence, the Estonian Information Technology College and Vequrity OÜ with support from ByteLife Solutions OÜ, Cisco Systems Estonia OÜ, Guardtime AS, the Estonian Information Technology Foundation for Education and Tallinn University of Technology. For more information on the Cyberolympics go to www.kyberolympia.ee.

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