World’s popular programming tool available also in Estonian

12. march 2014

World wide known popular free of charge e-learning environment Codecademy enables anyone interested in programming to learn it by him or herself interactively and enjoyably. By the initiative of the Information Technology Foundation for Education, Estonian is one of the first working languages of Codecademy after English language.

 Information Technology Foundation for Education (HITSA) sees the need to provide supporting materials for independent studies of programming which could facilitate teaching and learning of code writing in educational institutions as well as more broadly. By the help of the learning environment of the start-up company Codecademy, established in New York in 2011, studying of web page and application creation is easier than ever before and you even do not need earlier prior knowledge for it. 

* Zach Sims, CEO of Codecademy

“Codecademy team is proud that we are able to contribute to teaching the next generation of Estonian programmers," said co-founder and CEO Zach Sims of Codecademy.

“We are delighted that our e-learning environment was selected as one of the tools to help students study the programming and we are excited to know about the progress of the project.”

 has created web-based course for learning six programming languages: Python, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, Ruby and HTML/CSS. Based on funding of the Information Technology Foundation for Education, it is currently possible to learn HTML/CSS and JavaScript programming languages. “It is important for us that the programming studies are available for possible large circle of interested people. Thanks to translating of two Codecademy courses, learning of programming is now easier and more commonly available. Next we intend to translate jQuery programming language course,” said member of the management board of HITSA, Ene Koitla.

The courses can be passed starting from the simpler and finishing with the more complicated tasks. Teachers can use the translated courses in the study process of general education schools as means for independent learning of programming languages.

 Codecademy environment has millions of users. Start developing your programming skills now.

Codecademy in Estonian:  JavaScript 

Codecademy in Estonian: Web Fundamentals (HTML/CSS) 

The aim of the Information Technology Foundation for Education (HITSA) is to support the IT area education and implement state of the art technology in educational institutions of all levels providing them with state of the art information systems, and ensuring preparation of highly qualified ICT specialists.


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