Higher education institutions can apply for support to strengthen the ICT skills

20. november 2017

HITSA opens call for proposals for the StudyITin.ee program of 2018 for the higher education institutions with the aim to raise teaching of ICT skills necessary on the labour market to the new level and involve possibly innovative solutions to the study process. All Estonian higher education institutions can apply for the support.  

Call for proposals aims at providing financial support to good ideas for bringing innovations into the higher education of ICT as well as strengthening in higher education as well as in other areas of specialty, to strengthen specialty-specific ICT education in other sectors. All projects that start cooperation with businesses, or any other innovative solution that would find its place in daily ICt studies are most welcome.

"The main focus of current year development projects lies on enhancing teaching ICT competencies that are needed in the labour market, and cooperation with businesses. It is important to increase application of digital technologies in Estonian businesses to accelerate the economic growth in Estonia. Young people with higher education have their own role here and they must acquire the most innovative ICT skills that support the sector,” said the program manager of the IT Academy, Margit Grauen.

Development projects are designed for two different audiences. In the first category, the support is granted for development of the ICT curricula of the higher education institutions. In the second category, the support is allocated for development of specialty-specific ICT skills in all other curricula. Preference is given to the projects that value cooperation and aim at development of higher economic growth and export capabilities.

Deadline for development project applications is 22 January 2018. The maximum amount of funding per project is EUR 75 000.

IT Academy is a cooperation programme of the state of Estonia, the universities and the ICT sector run by the Information Technology Foundation for Education. Support measure of development projects is included in the IT Academy’s program from 2015. The Ministry of Education and Research finances the IT Academy programme from the State resources.

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