HITSA and ITL announce winner of Ustus Agur Scholarship

30. november 2016

Photo: Artjom Rjabov
Information Technology Foundation for Education (HITSA) and the Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications (ITL) announced the recipient of the Ustus Agur scholarship. This year’s award winner is Artjom Rjabov, a doctoral student at the Faculty of Information Technology of the Tallinn University of Technology.

To solve IT tasks involving computational complexity, work is often divided between different systems. To build more sustainable systems and use resources more efficiently, software solutions for adjusting hardware have been worked out.
Artjom Rjabov’s PhD thesis “Parallel Processing in Hardware Accelerators for Computationally Intensive Problems” offers solutions, which help to optimise production processes and at the same time save hardware resources and also time. “My thesis is focused on the major fields of reconfigurable platforms, namely production optimisation and acceleration. Solutions elaborated based on the study of problems are appreciated both in production as well as academic studies,” explained Rjabov.

Rjabov’s PhD thesis describes systems adjusted on the basis of FPGA (field-programmable gate array) meant to solve complex tasks. The results of the PhD thesis can be implemented in solving various tasks – for example in the case of tasks containing many inputs and outputs, require transmitting information at high speed, or which play an important role in safeguarding the security of already established information systems. The results of the PhD thesis will also benefit the operation of digital video equipment and quantum computation.

“In Estonia it is important to support enterprises with innovative solutions to also increase their competitiveness abroad,” said Erika Matsak, a member of the scholarship committee. “Such innovative solutions help enterprises avoid additional costs, improve the working environment and also eventually to raise returns.”

ITL’s Ustus Agur Scholarship aims to support the information and communication technology area doctoral studies of a public university’s doctoral student. Allocation of the scholarship considered the expected influence of the subject of the PhD thesis of the applicant to the development of Estonian information society and current professional activities of the applicant. The amount of the scholarship is EUR 2,000 and this is awarded by the Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications in cooperation with the Information Technology Foundation for Education. ITL’s Ustus Agur Scholarship has been awarded since 2003.

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