HITSA and LHV Bank pay a scholarship to the authors of best dissertations in ICT

14. july 2015

Information Technology Foundation for Education (HITSA) chose this year's best dissertations in information and communication technology (ICT). The authors were awarded the LHV Bank scholarship.

The commission decided to award a 1,500-euro scholarship for professional higher education and bachelor's dissertation to the graduate of Estonian Information Technology College Kristjan Veskimägi for his work entitled 'Platform-agnostic optical character recognition for invoice payment solution' where he developed a payment application that locates account payment data.

                       Kristjan Veskimäe, photo by: HITSA                            

A 3,000-euro scholarship for the best master's dissertation will be awarded to Jonas Kiiver who graduated Cum Laude from the software engineering curriculum ran jointly by the University of Tartu and the Tallinn University of Technology for his work entitled 'NFC Security Solution for Web Applications' that offers a new near field communication (NFC) technology solution for authentication and signing using Google Cloud Messaging service and NFC Java Card.

Jonas Kiiver, photo by: HITSA                           

LHV Bank scholarships encourage students to learn and use ICT knowledge and skills outside the ICT sector by recognising dissertations submitted to Estonian universities with which students contribute to development of the Estonian financial sector or any other sector of the economy.

The chairman of the scholarship committee Pirjo Vanem from LHV Bank praised all the candidates. 'I was pleased to see so many dissertations that met the requirements of the competition, and the content of these dissertations is an extremely valuable contribution to the Estonian economy. Candidates have demonstrated how IT knowledge can be implemented in fields with seemingly tenuous connection to ICT; and it was especially nice that several papers focused directly on topics relating to fintech.'

The overall good quality of this year's candidates was also demonstrated by the fact that the best master's dissertation was chosen as a result of passionate debate. The commission acknowledged the papers which, in addition to good execution also have clear practical value, said Pirjo Vanem.

LHV Bank scholarships are funded by LHV Bank, the award of a scholarship is coordinated through the HITSA IT Academy Programme. 'LHV Bank scholarship is the first that favours the implementation of ICT skills by students in other sectors of the economy so that it would have a positive impact on business,' explained HITSA IT Academy Programme Manager Marily Hendrikson.

IT Academy is a collaboration programme of the state of Estonia, universities and the ICT sector with the aim of ensuring the necessary human resources and to ensure the development of the provision of ICT education for Estonian and international students. IT Academy Programme measures are used to finance the improvement of the quality of education, the payment of scholarships to students and the carrying out of international marketing. IT Academy Programme is managed by the Information Technology Foundation for Education.

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