IT Academy's innovation scholarship recipients for EIA published

09. may 2014

Meet our 40 lucky scholarship recipients who have also nominated as Estonian IT Ambassadors of  Higer Education. 
Let's keep our fingers crossed that some of them will end up as famous as Rovio or next Skype.  

The IT Academy sends 40 IT students to participate in the 2014 European Innovation Academy technology entrepreneurship program, taking place on 7-25th July in Sophia-Antipolis, France. The program engages entrepreneurial students from all disciplines and nationalities to come together and produce products an services of the future – through creating a start-up company.

The three week program will bring together experts from world renowned companies like Google, Microsoft, Samsung and Skype, and universities such as UC Berkley and Stanford University. Every year the program hosts 500 young entrepreneurs from 40 different countries.

''The European Innovation Academy is a fantasticly fun way to have both an immersive primer in what it takes to actually start a start-up AND an unrivaled cultural immersion experience'' 

- Ravi Belani, Professor at Stanford University, Managing Partner at Alchemist Accelerator

''The European Innovation Academy is a fantastic opportunity to work with an international team to develop new ideas. I had a great time and learned a ton about communication, cooperation, technology, entrepreneurship, and myself''

-Zach Fischmann, CEO at PopFizz

''I really blossomed after EIA. After the 3 weeks I knew exactly what I want to do with my life and now I know precisely how I am going to achieve success.''

-Kaur Kirikall, Co-Founder at Zaika

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