ITL and HITSA announce winner of Ustus Agur scholarship

26. november 2014

On 20 November the Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications (ITL) presented the Ustus Agur scholarship to Riivo Talviste, a doctoral candidate in informatics from the University of Tartu.

"The scholarship is designed to support the studies of a gifted doctoral candidate in the field of ICT," explained Marily Hendrikson, a member of the scholarship board. "The competition mostly evaluates the topic of the candidates’ doctoral thesis and its expected influence on the development of the information society in Estonia, but also their specialist activities to date."

This year recipient Riivo Talviste is writing his thesis on the topic "Safety issues related to and the technical complexity of the practical implementation of secure multiparty computation," which deals with issues related to data mining that preserves privacy.

"I’ve developed a solution that allows people to privately collect data using collective classification in web applications and come up with a way of preserving privacy that allows you to link encrypted databases without decrypting them," Talviste said. "The culmination of my studies is basically the ongoing project I’m involved in, in which ITL is trying to find an answer to whether IT students working while studying somehow influences future careers and income." 

Talviste is undertaking his doctoral studies in association with Cybernetica AS, which has been developing the secure multiparty computation platform Sharemind along with the Software Technology and Applications Competence Centre (STACC) and the University of Tartu since 2007.

The ITL Ustus Agur scholarship is valued at 2000 euros and has been awarded since 2003. The next scholarship will be awarded in 2015. The scholarship board is convened by the Information Technology Foundation for Education.

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