More cooperation with entrepreneurs planned in the Study IT in Estonia Programme

23. march 2016

The management committee of the Study IT in Estonia approved the programme for 2016-2020 in early March. The focus of the programme remains on ICT studies in two universities – the Tallinn University of Technology and the University of Tartu. The most important change is the increased focused on the systematic inclusion of entrepreneurs in the development of ICT curricula.

The Study IT in Estonia Programme is the cooperation programme of universities, information and communications technology companies and the state, which is implemented by the Information Technology Foundation for Education. “Our goals it educate top specialists with excellent ICT skills, so that Estonian companies can develop new and innovative solutions, and manage them as well,” said chairman of the HITSA management board Erki Urva. “This in its turn will boost the growth of entrepreneurship and the provision of ICT services, which lays a strong foundation for the economic growth of Estonia.”

In the period from 2016-2020, the programme will mainly focus on the six selected curricula of the Tallinn University of Technology and the University of Tartu. The priority in this period is to improve the international competitiveness, attractiveness and quality of the ICT curricula to increase the motivation of students and consequently the number of students who graduate with degrees in ICT specialities.

The most important change in comparison with the previous period is the plan to systematically include entrepreneurs in the development of curricula to ensure that the content of the studies and the knowledge of graduates are a better match for the needs of the society. “Universities plan to cooperate with entrepreneurs and put a bigger emphasis on the implementation of real-life projects, and create a successful traineeship programme to include more real-life cases and their solutions in the learning process,” explained Margit Grauen, programme manager at the Study IT in Estonia Programme.

The Study IT in Estonia Programme was created in 2012. The programme is managed by a management committee that consists of Vice-Rectors for Academic Affairs, leaders of ICT studies, representatives of ICT companies, and representatives of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and the Ministry of Education and Research.  

The Study IT in Estonia Programme document is available on HITSA website

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