HITSA announces competition for Skype foreign studies Master’s scholarships

13. may 2015

Skype and the Information Technology Foundation for Education launch the competition for foreign studies Master’s scholarships for 2015.

The Skype foreign studies Master’s scholarships are designed to support the Master’s studies of three individuals outside of Estonia in the sciences (preferably related to information and communications technology) in 2015, or interdisciplinary studies on condition that one level of higher education is completed in the sciences.

The aims of the Scholarships are to promote the transfer of knowledge between the sciences and the humanities and the polarization of ICT-specialities and to boost the availability of Master’s studies abroad for Master’s students from Estonia.

Each scholarship is worth 6400 euros for the 2015/2016 academic year. The deadline for submission of applications is 16 June 2015.

The scholarships are designed to cover the cost of tuition fees or other costs related to studies. The period of the scholarships is the 2015/2016 academic year – 10 months in total. Applications are open to all Estonian citizens and foreigners living in Estonia on the basis of a permanent residence permit who have met the qualifications to enroll in Master’s studies. Employees of Skype and the Information Technology Foundation for Education cannot apply.

To apply for a scholarship, e-mail info@studyITin.ee and do the following:
  • add “Skype foreign studies Master’s scholarship competition 2015” to the Subject line of the e-mail;
  • attach your CV, which must list your contact details (including your telephone number and e-mail address);
  • attach the full results of your studies at the last educational institution you attended (i.e. your academic record);
  • describe the topic you plan to cover in your Master’s thesis, or if you have not decided this, describe in general the field you are interested in (up to 1000 characters), indicating the country and/or educational institution at which you would you like to continue your studies; and
  • write and attach an essay on the topic “What I will be doing in five years’ time thanks to the Skype foreign studies scholarship” (4500-7000 characters).
Selection of recipients will take place in two rounds. In the first round, six applicants will be selected to continue to the interview round (second round) based on their applications, their education to date, their professional activities and their vision of their future development. During the interview round the three successful applicants will be chosen, who will then be expected to provide confirmation of having been accepted by their preferred educational institution within two months. The six candidates to progress to the interview round will be selected within five business days.

Scholarship agreements will only be entered into with the recipients once they have enrolled in the relevant Master’s programme of the educational institution named in the official document confirming their acceptance. The scholarship will then be transferred to them in accordance with the terms and conditions of the scholarship agreement.

The foundations for Skype scholarships were laid at the Black Box Open Mind seminar in summer 2004, at which presentations were given by Skype manager Niklas Zennström and one of the company’s investors, Steve Jürvetson, and the very first contribution to the future scholarship fund was raised among the participants. The basis of the scholarships is the Statutes of the Skype’s Foreign Studies’ Master’s Scholarship.

Additional information:
Marily Hendrikson
Information Technology Foundation for Education
Akadeemia tee 21/1, 12618 Tallinn
Phone: 628 5811

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