The International Cyber Security Summer School is specializing in blockchain technologies

01. july 2019

Today will start the international Cyber Security Summer School specializing in blockchain technologies.

More than 70 cyber security experts, doctoral students and young specialists are gathered in Voore, Estonia from 1-5 July. The event will focus on three sub-topics: legal and economic aspects of using blockchain technologies; blockchain applications; blockchain technologies and cryptography and how they impact the digital transformation in society.

The keynote speakers are Ivo Lõhmus, Vice President of Guardtime and Kristo Vaher, Government CTO.

Estonian Minister of Education and Research Mailis Reps emphasized that with the development of digital country and the opportunities of IT, the risks of cyberspace should be increasingly taken into account. "Our daily lives are very closely connected to the digital world - we use e-solutions for education, finance, health care and entertainment." We need to be sure that our data is securely protected and it is worth working with international partners to improve cyber security. The cyber security summer school provides us this opportunity,” said Reps.

The summer school is organized by the University of Tartu Institute of Computer Science in cooperation with the Information Technology Foundation for Education (HITSA) and the Republic of Estonia Ministry of Education and Research. Madis Raaper, Cyber Security Coordinator with the University of Tartu Institute of Computer Science, says that the summer school will help enhance the international grasp and collaboration network of Estonian institutions of higher education and provide universities with an opportunity to tackle and highlight topics in which their strengths lie and which are placed in the center of their research focus. “Cyber security and blockchain technologies represent a field just like this for our institute” said Raaper. 

Due to the need to use reliable information systems at state level, blockchain technologies in Estonia have, in principle, been used since 2003. Blockchain technologies are viewed as presenting an opportunity for a great leap in the data protection field, especially in highly regulated fields such as finance, governance, healthcare, and the legal system.

This year the summer school takes place for the 5th time. The cyber security summer school was called into existence by the Republic of Estonia Ministry of Education and Research to boost international competitiveness for Estonian cyber security education and achieve increased visibility for Estonian e-state. 

The IT Academy constitutes a cooperation programme involving the Estonian state, universities, vocational educational institutions, and ICT sector companies with the objective of elevating the quality and competitiveness of ICT related vocational education and higher education, ensuring required workforce resources, and furthering research in the field. The summer school is financed by the Ministry of Education and Research through the IT Academy programme.

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