COVID-19 did not stop learning

This crisis has been kind of useful by evoking certain developments we have been talking in Estonia for years and years. The future of futurists suddenly became the reality for everyone. Everything had to be transferred to remote learning, almost instantly and the number of users of e-learning platforms increased by ten folds.

Watch the timeline video with some of the main milestones of this process in Estonian education and the summary by the Heli Aru-Chabilan, CEO of HITSA:

MORE: The videos about the background of Estonian e-Education and HITSA's new projects and initiatives. 

What's beHind the success of Estonian e-Education?

Overview of the main factors and milestones of the digitalization of Estonian education by Heli Aru-Chabilan, CEO of HITSA, and Evelin Kasen├Ámm, development manager of ICT services. 
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A Sneak Peek into the Future

A short overview of HITSA's new projects and initiatives: The Technology Compass for Education, Personalized learning solution and  Education Technology Co-creation program. 
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For information about digital solutions in Estonian education, please visit Education Estonia - the official source on Estonian education in English