Study Information system (SIS)

Study information system is a unique online environment developed in cooperation with vocational and applied higher education schools and it enables the data of approximately 17,000 active students and lecturers to be managed in different educational institutions. Any institution providing higher or vocational education in Estonia can join the study information system.

Study information system (SIS) helps schools to manage and automate study related information. This software is designed to be used as a service (SaaS) in multiple education institutions simultaneously. It has one main codebase and each institution has its own isolated database. Databases structure is identical to another.

System is highly configurable through the configuration files and classifiers. All system modules are designed to be flexible to education institution requirements. SIS can be categorized as a big monolithic information system.

SIS main goals are:

  • ensure flexible and secure system that supports and automates study related processes
  • ensure solid interfaces that enable to connect other related software
  • consolidate and simplify study related information management 
  • ensure effective and solid platform that universities can use to develop modules and specialties for their special needs
Study information system demo is available