Learning resources

Update: As of the 1st of August 2020, all the activities of the Information Technology Foundation for Education were transferred to a new state authority called the Education and Youth Board (Haridus- ja Noorteamet). The new board is directly subordinate to the Ministry of Education and Research.

For information about Estonian education in English, please cotact Education Estonia - the official source on Estonian education in English.

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Digital learning resources consist of learning materials (including textbooks, educational online videos and mobile apps, teaching games, e-worksheets, online tests, study objects), which are published in digital format (e.g. on the Internet, in databases or digital data media) (Lifelong Learning Strategy 2020).

The HITSA’s Innovation Centre supports the creation, adaption and re-use of digital learning resources and to that effect develops guidelines for the creation of high-quality learning materials. Innovation Centre also coordinates the work of the network of educational technologists in order to provide them guidance and support for creating digital learning assets in their own educational institutions. The role of the educational technologist at an educational institution is to coordinate and develop e-learning process and to provide guidance to teachers and managers. These people know the tools of digital era and their usage methods very well and help introduce them into the study process.

The HITSA provides free access to two repositories of electronic learning materials and study objects to all users. Users can freely browse and download materials in both repositories.

The e-learning repository at http://www.e-ope.ee/repositoorium mainly holds learning materials in vocational and higher education in different formats, which concern different theoretical and practical matters in different fields of study. All learning materials have been released under Creative Commons licence. The HITSA’s Innovation Centre is the official representative of Creative Commons in Estonia.

The repository of the School Life (Koolielu) educational portal at http://koolielu.ee/waramu mainly contains electronic learning assets sorted in line with the general education curricula. The subject experts of Koolielu update it on an on-going basis with exciting learning materials that relate to the curriculum. Anyone can give their contribution to the improvement of the database. The quality of the learning assets is guaranteed by subject experts who review all materials before their release.