Educational programmes

The activities of the educational programmes are targeted at advancing and intensifying the cooperation between ICT industry, universities, other educational institutions and the state.

ProgeTiger Programme to create interest in technology

With the view of arousing young people’s interest in IT and introducing to them the future possibilities in the area, our activities are aimed at encouraging preschool, general and vocational education teachers to use technology (including programming and robotics) more widely in teaching. To support this goal, the HITSA implements the Proge Tiger technology education programme, which offers varied opportunities for integrating technology into studies, including basic and in-service training courses, subject-based model lessons and tasks, learning and teaching materials and examples of curricula that integrate technology.

It academy programme to shape ICT education

IT Academy is a cooperation programme of the Estonian state, universities, vocational schools and information and communication technology (ICT) companies designed to raise the quality of ICT-related education, develop research in the field and ensure the necessary labour resources. 

Study IT in Estonia Programme

Study IT in Estonia ( is a cooperation programme run by the Republic of Estonia, universities and IT industry for securing necessary labour force for the ICT sector and for creating preconditions for Estonia’s growth through ICT.

Those programmes contribute to educating tomorrow’s university graduates so they are highly qualified and valued specialists on the Estonian and international labour markets.