ITL´s Ustus Agur Scholarship

In 2018 the ITL´s Ustus Agur scholarship was awarded to PhD student Dmytro Fishman from the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Tartu. The topic of his thesis is "Data integration and mining in bioinformatics".

Main contributions of the doctoral thesis are: adapting existing state-of-the art and developing new methods for handling large amounts of challenging biological data (with case studies in proteomics and metabolomics) and converting these methods into handy tools that can enable biologists and practitioners to carry out high quality data analysis without external help and with minimum effort. Potentially coupled with advanced machine learning models trained on rich health electronics data from Estonian health registries, these tools can be used to diagnose diseases before perceivable symptoms even appear.

Dmytro Fishman: “I am working on tools that doctors and biologists can use to make more informative decisions from biological data, also me and members of my research group are running workshops where we teach scientists to use these tools.”

The supervisors of the doctoral thesis are Professor Jaak Vilo, Professor of Bioinformatics, Professor Pärt Peterson, Professor of Molecular Immunology and Hedi Peterson, Senior Research Fellow in Bioinformatics from University of Tartu.