Ustus Agur Scholarship Statute

Ustus Agur Scholarship of Estonian Information Technology and Telecommunications Association for doctoral students

Ustus Agur Scholarship of Estonian Information Technology and Telecommunications Association (hereinafter referred to as ITL’s Ustus Agur Scholarship) aims to support the studies of one talented public university doctoral student whose topic of the doctoral thesis is narrowly related to the field of ICT or broadly related to the use of ICT in another field . The scholarship also promotes the outstanding contribution of Ustus Agur in the development of Estonian society.

The Scholarship competition shall be announced on ITL’s, ITL members’ and Education and Youth Authority (Harno) web pages, e-mailing listings as well as through partners. Persons matriculated to the doctoral studies of Estonian public universities can apply for the scholarship. The competition announcement determines other prerequisites, terms and conditions and due terms for applying for the scholarship competition.

ITL’s Ustus Agur Scholarship first of all takes into account the expected influence of the subject of the doctoral thesis of the scholarship applicant to the development of the Estonian society and current professional activities of the applicant. Applications will be also taken under consideration based on other criteria stipulated in the announcement of a certain scholarship competition.

The allocation of Scholarship will be decided based on received applications by Scholarship Board formed by Harno in cooperation with the representatives of ITL. Board is not obliged to give reasons for their decision.

The Scholarship is personal. The Scholarship will be paid to the grantee by one or several installments, as agreed. The grantee shall undertake to submit a written report to Harno about the use of the Scholarship.

Possible problems with appointment of ITL’s Scholarship are solved by Harno Scholarship Board.

Approved with the directive no. 1.1-1/20/41 of the Director of Harno.