The 2020 Microsoft foreign studies Master´s scholarship was awarded to Steffen Holter who started Master studies in MSc Computing (Visual Computing and Robotics) in Imperial College London, United Kingdom.

The Microsoft foreign studies Master’s scholarship aims to support the studies of a talented Master’s degree student outside of Estonia in the sciences or interdisciplinary studies provided that one level of higher education is completed in the field of IT. Having knowledge of the fields of the future in ICT, Microsoft recommends choosing one of the following: ML (Machine Learning), Big Data, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Cloud computing, Edge computing, Quantum Computing. Choosing from the above fields is certainly not obligatory and is not considered a preference or prerequisite in the selection of the scholarship recipient.

The aim of the scholarship is to support the studies and study motivation of Master’s degree students and increase the availability to conduct Master’s studies abroad by providing the possibility to study in world-renowned universities and by bringing the newest skills and knowledge back to the field upon their return, promoting the transfer of knowledge between the real world and humanities and popularising the specialties of the field of information and communication technology.

The competition mostly evaluates the topic of the intended Master’s thesis or the field of interest of the potential recipient, their specialist activities to date and their future plans. Applications are also assessed based on the criteria established in the notice of the scholarship competition in question.

The scholarship is appointed to a specific candidate to cover the costs of the upcoming academic year. The scholarship is designed to cover the cost of tuition fees or other costs related to studies. Application is open to all Estonian citizens and foreigners living here on the basis of a permanent residence permit who have met the qualifications to enroll in Master’s studies.

The IT Academy is a cooperation programme of the Estonian government, universities and ICT companies, the aim of which is to ensure the necessary work force resources for the field and develop the provision of ICT education for Estonian and foreign students. The programme of the IT Academy helps to improve the quality and competitiveness of ICT higher education. The programme activities are coordinated by Education and Youth Authority.