Microsoft foreign studies Master’s scholarship statute

There is a great shortage of highly educated IT professionals and in cooperation with IT Academy, Microsoft would like to contribute to the training of a new generation of IT specialists. As one of the major employers in the field, Microsoft will contribute by supporting the Master’s degree students in the IT Academy programme with a scholarship.

The Microsoft foreign studies Master’s scholarship (hereafter referred to as the Scholarship) aims to support the studies of a talented Master’s student outside of Estonia in the sciences or interdisciplinary studies provided that one level of higher education is completed in the field of IT. Having knowledge of the fields of the future in ICT, Microsoft recommends choosing one of the following: ML (Machine Learning), Big Data, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Cloud computing, Edge computing, Quantum Computing. Choosing from the above fields is certainly not obligatory and is not considered a preference or prerequisite in the selection of the scholarship recipient.

The aim of the scholarship is to support the studies and study motivation of Master’s degree students and increase the availability to conduct Master’s studies abroad by providing the possibility to study in world-renowned universities and by bringing the newest skills and knowledge back to the field upon their return, promoting the transfer of knowledge between the real world and humanities and popularising the specialties of the field of information and communication technology.

The scholarship competition is launched publicly on the website of the Information Technology Foundation for Education (HITSA), in mailing lists and via partners. Application is open to Estonian citizens and foreigners living here on the basis of a permanent residence permit who have met the qualifications to enrol in Master’s studies. Other prerequisites, terms and conditions and the deadline for applying for the scholarship contest are determined by the scholarship committee of the Information Technology Foundation for Education.

The competition mostly evaluates the topic of the intended Master’s thesis or the field of interest of the potential recipient, their specialist activities to date and their future plans. Applications are also assessed based on the criteria established in the notice of the scholarship competition in question.

The decision as regards the allocation of the scholarship will be made based on the applications received by the scholarship committee consisting of the representatives of the Information Technology Foundation for Education and Microsoft. The committee is not obligated to justify its decision and the decision is not subject to appeal. The committee can decide not to appoint a scholarship if there are no candidates of a sufficient level to qualify for the scholarship.

The scholarship is appointed to a specific candidate to cover the costs of the upcoming academic year. The scholarship is paid to the recipient in two parts. The recipient has the obligation to submit a written report to the Information Technology Foundation for Education on the use of the scholarship.

If the recipient terminates their studies or takes academic leave during the duration of the scholarship, the payment of the scholarship is terminated and the outstanding amount of the scholarship will remain in the Microsoft foreign studies Master’s degree scholarship fund.

The possible problems related to the assignment of the scholarship will be resolved by the scholarship committee of the Information Technology Foundation for Education.


Approved with the directive no. 1-1/12-20 of the member of the management board of HITSA from February 20, 2020.