Skype and Study IT in Estonia Master’s Scholarship Statute

The purpose of Skype and Study IT in Estonia Master’s Scholarship (Scholarship) is to support the studies of excellent master's students of Cyber Security or Computer and Systems Engineering at Tallinn University of Technology or Software Engineering or Informatics at University of Tartu.

The Scholarship will help to support the studies and motivation of excellent master’s students of Computer Science and Information Technology and to increase the international recognition of Estonian ICT education.

The Scholarship competition shall be announced on Study IT in Estonia, partner universities', Information Technology Foundation for Education (HITSA) and Skype web pages and e-mailing lists as well as through partners. The application is open for students only who have been enrolled on corresponding curricula, irrespective of their citizenship. Other requirements, conditions, and deadline for application will be determined by HITSA Study IT in Estonia Skype Scholarship Board (Scholarship Board).

First of all, the Scholarship competition takes into account previous academic success, the topic of master's project or area of interest, previous professional activity, and plans for future. Applications will be also taken under consideration based on other criteria stipulated in the scholarship announcement.

The allocation of Scholarship will be decided based on received applications by Scholarship Board, which is comprised of representatives from Skype and HITSA. Scholarship Board is not obliged to give cause for their decision. The decision shall not be subject to any appeal procedure. Scholarship Board has the right to leave the Scholarship unawarded due to lack of qualified applicants. The unawarded Scholarship shall remain in Skype Study IT in Estonia Scholarship Fund.

The Scholarship shall be allocated to certain persons for covering the expenses of the next academic year. The Scholarship cannot be received simultaneously with other scholarships, excl. national study allowance and scholarships supporting short period studies abroad.

In case the scholarship recipient discontinues the studies, takes an academic leave during the first semester, does not attend full time studies or his or her weighted GPA has dropped below 3.5 the scholarship shall not be paid out in the second term and the unpaid scholarship shall remain to Skype Study IT in Estonia Master's Scholarship Fund. Scholarship receiver is allowed to study in foreign partner universities during the scholarship period.

All problems concerning the allocation of Scholarship shall be solved by HITSA Study IT in Estonia Skype Scholarship Board.

Confirmed by Head of HITSA Management Board Directive No 1-1/54-15 on 3rd of September 2015.