Personalized Learning

Personalized learning path infrastructure provides standards, services and data to reduce costs and to increase the impact of personalization in education. Whether your strategy is differentiated learning, personalized learning or individualized learning, infrastructure simplifies personalization.

The infrastructure supports personalization without creating additional overhead to teachers. Data-driven services backed up with modern AI technologies, support evidence-based decision-making with minimal latency.

The infrastructure provides advanced insights for each individual student in real-time. Learning analytics dashboards provide visualizations, which help to understand students' learning behaviour: how they learn, what motivates them and what are their blockers. Teachers can effectively intervene whenever needed, not after catastrophic failures at national exams or high-impact tests.

Personalized learning path infrastructure simplifies significantly data harvesting and analysis throughout the entire study process.

The services consist of modules and can be extended easily with new services and solutions. Integrated data labelling service enables binding learning paths with other study-related datasets and uses them for the creation and evaluation of new analytical or machine-learning models.

The infrastructure facilitates research, root-cause analysis and impact prediction to facilitate innovation in education and provides evidence-based recommendations for smart policy changes.

The infrastructure is open for third-party models, agents and solutions, which have all access to the same data. Data usage is transparent and respects the privacy of data subjects.

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